Art Month and Why I Love a Parade!

Eureka Springs is an Art town all-year long, but May is special.  Every day this month, every where, you will have the opportunity to experience the creativity that flows through not just the 200 or more self-proclaimed artists who live here, but through common citizens as well.

Your humble innkeeper, for example, will be dancing down Spring Street on Saturday, May 11th.  You’ve gotta love a town where a 50+ lady can show her belly in public and get cheers and applause!

Here are photos from last year’s parade (taken by Richard Quick):

Artrageous '12 1Artrageous '12 2

Artrageous '12 3Artrageous '12 4Artrageous '12 5Artrageous '12 7Artrageous '12Artrageous '12 6

For a complete schedule of this year’s May Festival Events, please visit

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One Response to Art Month and Why I Love a Parade!

  1. Brandi Robinson says:

    We love this place!!!!! We honeymooned there last Sept. and had a blast. Everyone is so sweet and helpful. Can’t wait to go back! We tell everyone about Tall Pines.

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